Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Aborting due to gender

This week should have been about Crown Princess Mary and the births of her twins, a boy and a girl. A new brother and sister for Mary's two older children and a new prince and princess for the people of Denmark (and lets face it, for the people of Australia). 

But the week was overshadowed by another twin story that had us all disturbed. The media reported on Sunday about a Victorian couple who aborted their IVF pregnancy when they discovered they were carrying twin boys, all because they wanted a girl. 

To be honest, this story made me sick. If this story was distressing for me, then it sure as hell must be distressing for every other couple out there dealing with infertility and miscarriage. It's a bit like a punch in the guts for anyone desperate to have children.

The anonymous couple have three sons, all born naturally. What a blessing that is! The mother also gave birth to a 4th child, a daughter. However the little girl died shortly after childbirth.

Losing a loved one is hard enough, so I can’t imagine the pain of losing a child. It must rock you to your very core. But this couple needs help and they need it fast because their grief is causing them to make some very stupid and upsetting decisions. 

The couple desperately wanted another daughter and had no luck conceiving. They turned to IVF and achieved a twin pregnancy. This is something infertiles dream about.

But the minute they found out they were carrying boys, they aborted the twin pregnancy. Their reason? The couple don't want any more boys and believe they ‘deserve’ a girl.

Some insane steps have since been taken in their quest for a daughter. The couple have gone to court and have demanded they deserve the right to choose the sex of their next child because they lost a daughter and they deserve a daughter. Sex selection in Australia is no long available for family balancing reason. However sex selection is still available to those families (like us) linked to genetic diseases.

But I just can’t my head around this. How could they terminate a twin pregnancy because of gender? I’m sorry Mr and Mrs Anon but you don’t deserve any more children in my opinion. Be thankful for the three ‘deserving’ sons you already have.

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