Monday, 2 July 2012

CD42 / 26DPO / 21DPT of ICSI #4

Hcg = 2034 Prog = 23.6 Estr = 2248 I had a bad weekend. Was in terrible pain on Saturday and my clinic nurse told me to expect a miscarriage. So I sent JJ up to the chemist to stock up on pads, painkillers and chocolate and cried most of the afternoon and night. The pain was a horrid and a 10/10. The worst pain I've ever felt. But the next morning, the pain subsided and I was dumbfounded. No bleeding at all. My stomach was very tender but no miscarriage happened. Hubby was scared to leave me alone so he took the day off work and came to my appt. After getting the above beta results this morning, my FS agreed to send me for a scan but it was bad news. The scan revealed an empty womb, no sac could be seen, so the diagnosis was ectopic. I managed to hold it together at the clinic, the shock made me completely numb. Hubby and I drove home in silence ..... Couldn't believe this was happening to us again! Our FS gave us two choices; * laparoscopy surgery * MTX injection I lost it on the phone. Cried and cried and couldn't answer her. So her advice to us was to sleep on it and call back in the morning with our decision. Why is this happening again?

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