Tuesday, 6 August 2013

A tattoo for my 3 angels

What a messy messy week. I've been snappy, emotional, bitchy and overly sensitive. My due date for pregnancy #3 was looming and I was so concerned about my mental health and well-being that I contemplated taking the day off work to sit with my misery.

5th August 2013. To be utterly honest, I thought I'd stay in bed. Cry. Re-read my blog. Cry. Call my mum. Cry. Eat ice cream. Cry some more. 

But we all have a choice in this life, don't we. When we wake up each day we have a choice to be happy and that's how I wanted to feel waking up on my due date.

So I made a plan late last week. The plan was to keep active, keep busy and stay positive. It all started when my boss notified everyone in the office that we could all take Monday off work {bank holiday}. Yippee! My weekend was filled with family dinners, walking the dogs, getting a haircut, a friends engagement party, chores around the house, shopping etc.

Hubby woke me up yesterday - my due date- and wished me a lovely day off work. I cuddled my puppy dogs in bed for a few minutes and then we hit the pavement for a big 3km walk.The sun was shining and I was feeling blessed to be alive.

Hubby then surprised me by coming home early from work. We headed to Bondi for lunch - The Bucket List - and had a lovely lunch in the sunshine. A few drinks were consumed and we decided to get the tattoo we had designed to mark the day - my due date - in a special way. Bondi Ink had an opening and 2 hours later we have matching tattoos to remember our three angels. It's meaning: Our 3 angels heartbeats are with us for life and infinity. The feather at the end presents my nesting period and how delicate life is.

I'm really proud of myself for getting through the day in a positive way. Crying all day wouldn't have achieved anything. My mood would have been deflated for days. I still hope, wish and yearn for a baby of my own however it was important to have a lasting memory of my angels - besides my abdominal scars.


Anonymous said...

I pop in every now and then to see how you are going! LOVE the tatt, it's beautiful.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful way to remember your 3 little angels Brooke. Love the tattoo, it's perfect. I'm often thinking of you and love seeing your smiley face in recent pics
Kel xox