Friday, 24 January 2014

Slow motion

It's time. I've had a great break from all things baby related and now it's time to get this ball rolling again and jump back on the TTC wagon.

I was at a baby shower a few weeks ago .... Hubby came along with me .... and within an hour of being at the shower, admiring my friends gorgeous baby bump, feeling the love and support the soon to be parents had ...... I got it. I started feeling, craving and yearning for a bub in my arms again.

It was in that moment that I realised it was time to start the TTC process again. 


I want to take this slowly and make sure I've made the right decision. At the moment it feels 89.4541321650% right. So I went to the compounding chemist and filled my scripts. I've started back on DHEA and Melatonin again. This time Devora has me taking CoQ10, Inositol and L-Arginine twice a day. 

I'm eating healthy and exercising regularly.  

I've started meditating and my yoga class begins next week. 

 A few more months of this and we'll see if I'm ready to commit to the IVF cycle. 

Stay tuned! 

B xx


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you honey. Naomi (Puddycat)

Jesse said...

Been thinking about you & wondering how you are going. I hope all is well.