Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Three blessings in a day?

It’s mid April and I begin to research conception on the internet. It’s fascinating! It’s a bit of a miracle really. How our cells can produce another human being. I find a very useful website and notice it has a forum for just about every parenting topic imaginable. From ‘thinking about trying to conceive’ to ‘toilet training’ to a ‘venting board’. I immediately register on-line and become a member. The site is informative. So informative that I discover there is a 24-48 hours fertile window each cycle that you can conceive! What the? I thought you could get pregnant 21 days out of any cycle! Isn’t that what my sex-ed teacher taught me in school?

Am very disappointed now. DH and I have been exhausting ourselves with humping one another nearly everyday, when technically we should be humping around my ovulation date. How the hell do I know when I ovulate? More research is needed! Back to the forum for more answers.

The next day I’m too distracted to think about my ovulation date. So it’s back to apartment hunting. I’m not having much luck at these open inspections. Am finding faults with each unit I look at. So DH has decided to take the morning off work and come along with me! Yippee!
So we drive up to the Northern Beaches and wait for the first open inspection. We park our car outside the complex and notice how close we are to the beach. Only a 500 metres walk. So far, so good. The realtor arrives and shows us (and 20 other couples) around. The place is fabulous. It’s a bit on the small side but it’s full of potential. The balcony is north facing and is bathed in sunlight. DH and I smile at one another. We’ve found it our apartment! The realtor walks over to us and casually mentions that the unit is already under contract. What the? Why show us through an apartment that is already under contract? DH and I are fuming and walk out in a rage.

We look at a few other apartments but nothing compares to the first apartment we saw that moment. Oh well, it’s not meant to be.

It’s Monday morning. Today is DH’s thirtieth birthday and my period is due. DH gets ready for work and gives me a quick peck on the cheek before leaving. I mumble a happy birthday message and go back to sleep.

The realtor representing our dream apartment just phoned. The apartment is back on the market!! Apparently the cooling off period ended with no contracts being exchanged. The realtor asks if we’d like to make the vendor an offer as we seemed keen on the apartment on Saturday. I call DH excitedly and explain the situation. He literally screams at me down the phone to make them an offer. A few phone calls later and the apartment is ours. The vendors have accepted our offer!

After work, I stop in at the chemist and buy a pregnancy test as my period didn’t arrive today as expected. What a story to tell in years to come. The day your father and I purchased our first home, we also discovered we were expecting you!!!
I race home and cover DH with birthday kisses and race to the toilet. I’m hoping to give DH the best gift of all – a positive pregnancy test! I’m so excited I pee all over the place like a puppy. I’m too nervous to read the test results so I make DH go into the bathroom.
I scream at him through the door “Is it one line OR two lines?”.
His reply “What does it mean if it’s two lines?”.
“That means we’re having a baby!!!!”.
“Oh. Sorry babe. It’s only one line.”
Oh well, I guess you can’t celebrate a birthday, buy an apartment and start a family all in the one day.

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