Thursday, 6 March 2008

Better luck next month

It’s three days since I stopped taking the pill and AF just arrived. Quite exciting really. The thought of having a baby is a very new thought for my brain to ponder over. I mean, as a kid and pimply teenager I always wanted my own family but now it’s real. Now’s it’s happening. DH and I are trying to conceive a baby!

Our rent has been increased again! The lower north shore must be having a rental boom. DH and I decide that it’s time to begin that treaded search. It’s time to buy our own place now that we’re procreating. The lower north shore is lovely but DH wants to spread the search as far as the Northern Beaches. Besides the odd visit to Manly, I’ve never visited the Northern Beaches! We take a drive up to the peninsula and I instantly fall in love. It’s perfect. There are wonderful beaches, tall palm trees, cute coffee shops and wonderful playgrounds for children. I’m so excited but moving further away from my family is awful. But this is a lifestyle choice that’s best for our future family. I resign myself to the fact that visiting my family will now be that much more important, because it’ll be quality time together.

DH and I are having sex all the time. I’m so exhausted I nearly miss the first open inspection.

It’s now the end of March and my period just arrived. Oh well. Unlucky. Better luck next month!

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