Wednesday, 20 February 2008

TTC Journey begins

Ah, this time last year, DH and I were getting married! Vowing to love each other unconditionally forever til death do us part.

I clearly remember arriving in Fiji to begin our honeymoon. As I unpack the toiletry bag, I pull out my blister pack of contraceptive pills. Hmmmm, do I really need to take these anymore? DH and I discuss when we’d like to have children. I say now! But DH is still studying part-time and working full-time and would like to wait til he finishes his studies. Sounds sensible! Over a cocktail or three we agree to enjoy a year of marriage first!

To celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary we take some time off work and plan a fabulous road trip around NSW. We visit Tamworth and take in the music festival, then we head to Byron Bay for some much needed RnR. Lying on the beach with two thousand other holiday makers we discuss babies again. It’s been a year and maybe it’s time to start a family. DH and I are smitten with our god daughter and the thought of having our own family makes us giggle like school girls.

We continue our road trip adventure and stop at Yamba (for the prawns), Coffs Harbour (for a banana split) and South West Rocks (for wine and sleep). The following day, we’re home in Sydney and I stop taking the pill immediately. Operation Baby Osborne is about to begin!

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