Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Male Factor Infertility

Our second FS appt went well. We saw a new FS that specialises in Male Factor Infertility and he explained our test results in detail. DH now has a name for his infertility – Y Chromosome Deletions. Feels strange the way it rolls off your tongue de⋅le⋅tions. Men with this infertility have certainly gone on to have children however our son will definitely suffer from this infertility. DH and I look at one another and back to the FS. Are you serious? Our future son will suffer from a low sperm count caused by a genetic deletion! I’m sure the shock on our faces didn’t register with the FS because he just continued to talk and talk.

The FS has asked DH to give a sperm sample once a week for the next three weeks. The sperm will be frozen and used in case of emergency if a fresh sample cannot be used on the day of our egg retrieval.

So, our next step is to see our original FS again and hear how the ICSI cycle works. Durr, I know this already. Am addicted to Dr Google! We also have to make an appt to see a fertility nurse at the clinic and run through the medication, surgery procedures and costs involved.

This time DH and I leave the clinic feeling a little deflated. The conversation did not flow easily on the way home. Our future son will be infertile.

Third FS appt went well today. Had to attend this appt by myself as DH couldn’t get out of work. FS explained the cycle from beginning to end and made no promises. However I’ve been told that we have age on our side. We’re fit, young and healthy…. And that’s a good thing!

FS also explained that we qualify for the Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis aka PGD. The way I understand it, DH and I can choose the sex of our baby because our infertility is caused by genetics… genetics that can be passed onto a son. PGD involves carefully removing one or more cells from an embryo for analysis and determining the sex of the embryo. I cannot believe that this is an option. I cannot believe the FS is asking if we want to have girls only! Isn’t that playing God? Isn’t that going against Mother Nature? Surely any child is a blessing whether they suffer from infertility later in life or not. Am feeling very confused and on the verge of tears. The FS suggest a counseling session with one of the Geneticist for the following week.

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