Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Guarantee please

Over it. Over it. Over it. My day has started off with a pregnancy announcement, baby photos on Facebook from 3 different friends AND to top it off, I just received a birth announcement via SMS.

For someone suffering primary infertility, this is a punch in the face. A kick in the guts. A truly ugly day.

And it only gets uglier.

DH and I just saw the FS and were told his testosterone levels are below average. So it’s time for DH to hit the pills for 3 to 4 months and see if there is any improvement with his swimmer count.

What annoys me the most is this pill offers no guarantees. It seems whatever option we’ve chosen over the years in this effort to create our own tribe, nothing has had a guarantee. IVF is a highly effective treatment for many couples however it is estimated that half of the couples who try IVF will not be successful.

Bit depressing ain’t it. I read that sentence over and over again. Half of the couples who try IVF will not be successful. I’m probably crazy for not being scared off but what other options do we have. We can be with child …. or childless.

I really want the guarantee that one day this will all work. Because then I’ll calm down and appreciate the journey a little more. I mean, you can walk into any department store and they hand out guarantees and warranties with just about any purchase. But not IVF! Everything is trial and error. Or worse, failure!

So, where does that leave us? DH will begin the pills next week. If there is no improvement in his swimmer count after 4 months, then we can use our frozen batch.

Or we explore a new avenue. Donor.

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