Saturday, 2 October 2010

Career vs Fears

How on earth did it take me 21 months to finally jump ship? I clearly remember blogging about finding a new job last summer. So why did it take me this long to shake off the fear of leaving a company I’ve spent nearly half my life at?

What was I scared of? Rejection? Pressure? Stepping out of my comfort zone? Or was it just missing my routine? If I was an astrology believer, than the answer would be that Mercury was retrograde!

I’m a Taurean and part of being born in the month of April is I love routine. I hate trying new things. I’m very much a creature of habit. So finding the courage to quit my job and find a new one is incredibly daunting. Especially when IVF rules your life.

But it dawned on me in late August, if I can try IVF and subject myself to endless invasive tests and surgeries, than surely starting a new job after 13 years would be a walk in the park! One of the reasons I delayed finding a new job was due to location. How silly is that! You see our IVF clinic is located one block away from my office. A pretty easy commute for bloods tests and ultrasounds don’t you think. I figured my life would become far more complicated if I found a new job that was miles away from the IVF clinic.

But you have to jump sometimes for the net to appear.

I found new job. A new job so amazing I’m almost pinching myself. OUCH … that hurt! The interview went well and I had a good vibe about the office, staff and role. And to my utter amazement, I got the position. I’m now Operations Manager for a leading inbound travel operator.

My role will see me travelling internationally, managing less staff and my salary has increased by $20k. And the best part is my office is only 3 blocks from the IVF clinic.

My old fears routine and location have finally taken a hike.

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Anonymous said...

It's good that you have got some diagnosis early so you can work on it. I am already 36 going 37 and I know what it means about the biological clock ticking...but miracles do happen...may your dream come true as you persevere. :)