Tuesday, 10 May 2011

One small step for man

DH and I attended a Donor Information Evening at our clinic last night. This may seem like one small step forward for us, but it’s a huge leap into unknown territory. The nerves kicked in and my anxiety increased tenfold. I’m sure the people in the lift could hear my heart pounding and my head screaming the F-word.

This was it! This was the moment we admitted our defeat ... and our failure. We had to consider Donor sperm as a new option.

We walked into the room and I was shocked to see about 50 people seated. WTF? I was expecting two or three couples, not a room full of desperate wannabe tribe creators like us.

The Counsellor ran through the IVF procedure and why couples (and singletons) might require a Donor. Blah Blah Blah. I knew this stuff already. Get to the good stuff.

A recipient couple and their Donor stood up and shared their journey with us. The wannabe tribe creators sat forward, pen and pad in hand, ready to scribble notes and devour their information. I was transfixed by their journey – different to us – but still sad, touching and gut wrenching. The couple’s 18yr niece came forward and volunteered to provide the couple with an egg. Three months later baby Grace was conceived.

After they shared their story, we shot them with question after question. It didn’t matter how personal OR how crucifying the question, this was our one moment to seek the answers we needed to make our decision.

“Has your relationship suffered?”
“Does the Donor feel a motherly connection to the baby?”
“Do you feel a bond to the baby even though she is genetically not yours?”
“Does your immediate family and close friends know the truth? “
“How do you feel knowing the baby is your husband and nieces baby?”
“How long did it take you to move past the anxiety?”
“How long did it take for you to accept baby Grace as yours?”

The bond between the three of them was special. Touching. DH and I talked to the recipient mother after the seminar and asked a few more questions. Next we approached the Counsellor and asked a few questions.

Leaving the clinic last night, I believe we had a clearer picture of what was to come, what we could expect …. And maybe what we need to prepare ourselves for. It’s another grueling journey to consider but one we must look at in our own time.

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Jules said...

This journey is so hard in the first place, but then to be hit with another bump is soul destroying.

I'm sorry you have been given this news, but glad that the information evening proved valuable.

Hopefully, this big step points you in the right direction & on the road to success. :)

(From someone who has been where you are now.)