Wednesday, 20 June 2012

CD30 / 14DPO / 9DPT of ICSI #4

I had vowed not to POAS this week, however something got the better of me yesterday and I found an old IC HPT under the bathroom sink and decided to test. 

Low and behold, it was .....


Shock. Horror. How could that be? I have all the pregnancy symptoms. HAHAHA!! As a veteran of this IVF procedure, you'd think I'd remind myself daily that these symptoms are also AF.

I jumped in the shower and tried really hard not to cry. The rest of my day was a write off - I was miserable and didn't want to talk to anyone.

I was on the verge of a mini breakdown, especially after DH and BF screamed at me for testing so early. But I don't think it was early. 85% of women discover a BFP at 13DPO. Anyway, lesson learned and I won't be testing again - I intend to wait for my beta test on Friday. 

In the meantime, the symptoms continue:
  • Sooooo tired
  • AF cramps
  • Sharp jabbing pain on the left side
  • Slight bloating
  • Sore boobs
  • Insomnia
  • Wake up hot
  • Nausea in the morning - coffee is a struggle
  • Blocked sinus
I'm telling myself today to have FAITH, have HOPE and to BELIEVE this can happen. I will see a BFP one day.

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