Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Tired much?

I cannot tell you how tired I am. Brick wall anyone? The first 3 days was fun, but the last 2 days have been intense.

As you know I spent the weekend in Melbourne with my bestie - had a blast with her. Wining, dining, shopping, laughter, tears and Edward Cullen. It doesn't get much better than that.

I flew home on Sunday night so I could attend the Coldplay concert - check out my recent blog post about the concert. It was beyond amazing!. My mum called me when I arrived in Sydney and told me the devastating news that my Grandmother is very ill and on her deathbed.  I was so sad but still decided to go to the concert and try and have a good time. Hubby and I had a great time and got home around midnight.

Monday morning and I was up bright and early for a big day at work. After an exhausting day, I crawled into bed and just as I was about to enter into an amazing dream featuring Ryan Gosling, I got a call from work. Argh! Two hours later I was back in bed. (Ryan didn't visit!). Only five hours of shut eye that night!!

Tuesday morning and I was up early again - this time to catch a flight to Brisbane to see my Grandmother and say my final goodbyes. The doctors can no longer feed her, so they are making her comfortable with morphine. Family are flying in from all over to visit Grandma before she passes away. We are such a large family but Grandma is so loved and will be missed dearly.

I was a mess yesterday. I caught the late flight back to Sydney, crawled into bed and was just about to enter my slumber when a motorist hits a pedestrian right outside of our house. Sirens, sirens and more sirens. A 14 year old has been hit and is trapped under the car. I raced outside and was unable to assist, the police were diverting traffic and the boy was rushed to hospital - I pray he's ok. Crawled back into bed around 1am.

I wonder what will happen tonight. I want coffee so badly but am fighting the urge.

I am so tired.

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