Friday, 30 November 2012

CD39 / 18DPO - Left side pain

CD39 / 18DPO
3rd hCG due tomorrow

Bub is still hanging on. No bleeding. Lots of nausea. Heavy backaches. Bloating. Bit of gas.

But the pain, the pain is starting to get to me.

I've had a dull ache in the left side of my abdomen for 2 weeks. The pain really kicked in around 12DPO which prompted me to POAS in the first place. The pain was similar to when I had the 1st ectopic.

But the difference in this pregnancy is .......... why would I have this pain for 2 weeks? Ectopic pain doesn't normally kick in until around 6w mark. Plus, my pain only intensify's after I eat a big meal. Otherwise it's just a dull ache in my rib.

{Reading the above line back to myself and I'm clutching at straws, aren't I?}

Over and out. I really need to do some work today! 


Jesse said...

I still have everything crossed for you!

Jesse (JLC) on EB

mj said...

I'm holding my breath, crossing everything we can in our house (that's lots of fingers, legs and paws!) and sending you a huge cuddle. I've been crying reading your last few posts and hope against all hope that Monday's test is a positive one. Then we can cry tears of happiness!

Stalking a Stork said...

@Jesse @mj
Thanks for dropping by and taking the time out to leave a comforting comment. This can be such a lonely journey so it's incredibly to me that you care and wish for the best!