Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Legs in the air

I'm back baby!!!  The mind, body and spirit is geared and ready to TTC again.

Slight change of plans. We decided on another home insemination attempt instead of an ICSI cycle. Hubby has started his own company so money is a bit tight at the moment. FS told me to take Temazepam as a precaution (to stop my uterus contracting) ... we don't want another ectopic!

I actually thought I'd missed my ovulation this month but I'm now thinking it's a bad batch of F2F (Fertility2Family) OPKs because I didn't get a single positive. So on CD19, I visited the local Chemist and bought a 7 day OvuPlan kit and got a positive straight away!

Our sperm donor has been visiting every 2nd day to provide us with a quality batch of Olympic swimmers.  Fingers crossed.

Anyone else ever had 4 days of positive OPK's?  Normally I only get 1-2 days of positives before the line goes faint. But so far each test is stronger than the control line.

I've been waving my legs in the air like I just don't care (for you groovers out there) for the past few days. My hips are very achy, experiencing insomnia, had a week of pimples leading up to my first positive OPK, a bit bloated and lower back is sore.

The only ovulation sign missing is no EWCM. A bit watery on day 1 but nothing since.

Dreading the 2ww because I'm as nervous as hell. I can handle a BFN but I can't handle another a 3rd ectopic.

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