Monday, 26 November 2012

CD35 and counting

CD35 / 14DPO

Figured the wicked witch would be here by now. Was checking every 10 minutes over the weekend for her but she didn't show.

I haven't taken my temp for years now, but decided to take it on Saturday morning to check when AF would arrive.
  • Saturday's temp was 36.80 .... quite low for me from memory so decided not to POAS. 
  • Sunday's temp was 36.85 ..... ummed and arred about POAS and decided what the hell! BFN with IC :(
  • Today's temp is 36.92 ...... was too scared to test and totally chickened out. 
I woke up feeling very hot, didn't sleep well last night, my lower back is so sore, my hips are achy and I'm quite bloated. My mood is OK actually, I normally get quite teary and irritable two days before AF arrives. Whilst I'm not surprised about yesterday's BFN, it still hurts like hell. I just want it to be my turn with no complications .... easy, breazy, healthy pregnancy please.

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