Friday, 7 December 2012

CCD45 / 25DPO - 3rd time unlucky

hCG is over 3000 however no pregnancy can be found in my uterus.

I'm devastated. I've never felt so alone in all my life.

Why is this happening to us again?

I simply can't believe this is happening again. Another ectopic - my third this year. What the FUCK have I done to deserve this?

My surgery is booked for 4pm today.


Anonymous said...

Oh Brooke!! My heart is breaking for you right now!!

Could they actually see something in the tube or is it assumed if it can't be found in the uterus that it's an ectopic? Sorry for the dumb question.

It won't take away any of the pain, but sending you and your hubby big hugs xxx


Jesse said...

Brooke, I am devastated for you. Are they absolutely positive its another ectopic? Have they suggested having the dye test? I had to have one after my 2nd ectopic & couldn't try for 6 months. Really words cannot express how sorry I am. Hold each other tight x


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness lovely, my heart is breaking for you. Nothing I can say will ease the pain, just know you have many friends and family thinking of you during this terrible time. I hope the surgery went ok babe and you are getting lots of love from hubby & sonny. Sending you all the love I have xox

Anonymous said...

I just come across your blog to see how you were and OMG, I'm so sorry honey! xox


Jules said...

I'm so sorry. This is just not fair.

Thinking of you. xo

Jesse said...

I hope you are ok?.....