Wednesday, 5 December 2012

CD44 / 23DPO - Happy dance

CD44 / 23DPO
15DPO = 49
17DPO = 90
19DPO = 190
21DPO = 469
23DPO = 1500!!!!!!

I'm doing my 30 second happy dance - wanna join me?

I'm now in the 4 digits. How exciting is that! My hCG levels have more than tripled in 48 hours and are currently sitting at 1500. My Dr is very happy and impressed with today's results and she immediately asked me how I was feeling. My answer? I want to vomit - very nauseous.

So....... it's all sounding promising. I'm a little bit more optimistic now .... but still trying to be reserved with my excitement. Until I see a heartbeat I can only be apprehensive it's another ectopic.

PS - Apologises for the quick post, got hundreds of emails to action after taking yesterday off work for my grandmothers funeral.


Anonymous said...

I'm doing a happy dance too!! That's wonderful babe, I'm cheering that little monkey on!! Keep growing and making mummy feel sick little one ;)

Stalking a Stork said...

Thanks for dancing with me xxx

Jesse said...

Woot Woot, go you good thing!!!! Just did a little jig on your behalf too. Take it easy & try to enjoy it ;)

Jesse (JLC)