Monday, 3 December 2012

CD42 / 21DPO - levels are up

CD42 / 21DPO
15DPO = 49
17DPO = 90
19DPO  = 190
Today's level at 21DPO = 469!!!!!!!!

The hospital needed to see me again today. I was soooooooo nervous about today's results. Heart pounding. Feeling nauseous. Fidigity. 

Saturday's (19DPO) hCG levels rose to 190. More than doubled which is good. The clinic nurse made me an emergency appt to have a scan as well - which was super nice of her.

The scan didn't reveal anything. The sonographer told me there was no sac to be seen in the uterus yet, but she didn't expect to see anything with levels of 190. (hCG levels normally have to be in the 2000's to see anything).

The corpus luteum is still on my left ovary and she couldn't see an ectopic on the left or right side. The sonographer did say my levels were doubling and that's what counts.

A few hours later, Lisa (from EPAS clinic) called me with today's results = 469!! She said this was great and again, it's more than doubled.

I'm flying to Brisbane tomorrow to attend my grandmother's funeral. Lisa is a bit concerned about me travelling and has printed off my records in case I miscarry or experience any severe pain whilst in Brisbane. The records will assist the Brisbane Hospital should anything happen. But I know I'll be fine!

The plan from here? Repeat hCG on Wednesday and I'm booked for bloods and another scan on Friday.

Keep those fingers crossed for me ladies!!!!!! 


Anonymous said...

I've got fingers, toes, arms, legs and eyes all crossed for you Brooke!!

So happy to read today's update - I'm stalking you now!!

Hope tomorrow goes smoothly in Brisbane.

Nicki (ladybird)

Jesse said...

Have everything still crossed. I am so happy to see your numbers doubling. With my successful pregnancy mine were really show to rise, but they kept going up, thats the main thing. Hope your Brisbane visit is uneventful (babywise that is). Will be keeping an eye out for any updates. Jesse (JLC)

Jules said...

Everything is still crossed.

Good Luck for tomorrow & Friday.

Stalking a Stork said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!
Your well wishes and good luck are keeping me optimistic ladies.